Oakland Diamond Tools is a Lean Six Sigma company striving towards continues improvement. Our expertise and advanced technology allows us to stay ahead of rest of the diamond tools field.

ODT has won worldwide reputation for its unique and highly efficient processing technologies of various super-hard materials. We provide top of the line ISO9001 Management Quality System and our products are environmentally friendly. ODT has accumulated rich experiences in laser cutting, mirror polishing and EDM machining of used PDC cutters or PDC with chipping, etc., and its technologies have displayed advantages in lower cost, better and more consistent quality, unrivaled efficiency, and extremely low damage. Based on this, we have established long-term processing cooperative relations with a number of internationally renowned manufacturers of PCD, CVD diamond and PDC cutters.

Our team has vast of expertise on diamond tools and other production backgrounds. Lean Six Sigma black belt project management leads our production to ensure quality in our products and services. With a successful Pull system in place, our production is all just-in-time for delivery with specific requirements to each of our valued customers.

Our testing team is constantly evaluating our products in the field and real life applications; therefore, we know exactly the quality of our tools by the time it reaches the end users.

The state-of-the-art research and testing facility allows our engineers and technicians to fully develop and reach the maximum results from their work. We provide the most advanced software to our Computer Aided Design (CAD) team to enable every exact detail to meet customer satisfaction. Not only we ensure excellence following production, we are preventing or minimizing any chance of error occurring prior to fabrication using C-scan screening. ODT is determined to reach excellence and accomplish the following:

  • Manufacture and optimize new scribing wheel designs using the newest cutting technology.
  • Minimize lead-time for building prototype scribing wheels for R&D atmosphere.
  • Maximize life time of scribing wheels at the same time as advancing on cutting depth and worn resistance.
  • Create the most reliable, reusable cutters which consists the same qualities as new cutters.
  • Assess quality and integrity of cutters prior and following fabrication of rework using C-scan thermal analytical imaging.