Oakland Diamond Tools provides complete precision industrial tools for the glass cutting industry. Our glass cutting wheel and glass cutter display excellent precision and consistency.

We offer different types of carbide and PCD diamond glass cutting wheels. We provide the optimum solutions that cover an extensive range including float glass, mirrors, drawn glass, thin or thick glass, LCD, automotive, decoration and construction industries.

Medical Glass tubing: We provide procession, long servicing polished tungsten carbide and diamond wheels for cutting different size and thickness of glass tubes. Accurate, sharp edge scribed glass tubing are easy to break, leaving clean, flat interface. Our engineers will provide the optimal solution for your glass tubing needs. Try the popular 4.0x1.4x1.0x125deg wheel and start increasing productivity, reduce rework, scrap rate, changeover and downtime today.

Diamond PCD Glass Cutting Scribing Wheel image

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Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel are available in a variety of different sizes, cutting angles and grid sizes. The wheels are manufactured with high precision machinery, using high quality tungsten alloy materials. It has excellent glass scoring results, abrasive resistance and long service life.

Deep Penetrating Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel allow the wheels to penetrate deeper into the glass than the regular wheels. They smoothly score glass with reduced chippings, thus significantly decrease the scrap and rework rate to improve productivity while keeping production costs down. Mainly used with float glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors and windows, and mirrors; cuts on average of 100,000m of glass.

Deep Penetrating Carbide glass Cutting Wheel comparison regular carbide glass cutting wheel image

Fusion PCD Glass Cutting Wheels combines the carbide and PCD diamond material with a tightly controlled finish at the cutting edge. The combination gives the wheel a much longer service life and higher cost effectiveness compared with conventional carbide cutting wheels.

PCD Glass Cutting Wheels are mainly applied to cut glass that requires high precision and edge quality, especially well for cutting float glass and very thin glass. The service life is extraordinarily long compared to carbide wheels, which make these wheels the economical longer-term solution.

Deep Penetrating PCD Glass Cutting Wheels are excellent for ultrathin hard glasses such as the Corning Gorilla glass and Eagle glass, whereas the serrated scoring wheel has saw teeth along its edge to increase score depth and quality.