PDC Cutters Arrow Chamfer

Enhanced chamfers technology has enabled the PDC cutters to increase efficiency and durability. For many years, PDC cutters on drill bits for oil and gas wells have employed small chamfers to avoid sharp angles.

Oakland Diamond Tools provides resizing and reshaping new PDC cutters. This refers to reduce in height or reduce in diameter of an original cutter into smaller specifications. A smaller edge chamfers along the edges on diamond layer or carbide body is both achievable through this service.

Chamfer geometric selection is according to the location on the face of the bit, its responsiveness to the relative ease or difficulty of cutting the formation rock, and the severity of dynamic loading at that location. ODT provides different kind of chamfers to achieve the highest performance of the PDC cutters. By using the chamfer technology on the rework, ODT also can choose the right shape to optimize the cutter surface to achieve maximum performance out of the reworked PDC cutter.

Well-designed chamfer geometry should be able to adjust their cutting edges. The increased penetration rate and reduced torque provided by the geometry results in more efficient breakdown of the rock. By reducing mechanical specific energy and improving drilling efficiency; drilling companies significantly reduce their drilling costs and operation time.