PCD Stone Engraving Tool PCD Stone Engraving Tool

The PCD stone engraving tool is used to engrave pictures or characters on granite, marble and ceramic.


  • The center sharp knife of the PCD stone engraving tool features long service life and good adaptability. It is particularly suitable to engrave granite and ceramic. Its maximum engraving depth can reach 1mm.
  • The flat bottom knife is used to engrave characters with smooth edges. The size of the engraving characters ranges from 3cm to 8cm. The knife features fast engraving speed and long service life. Its maximum engraving depth can reach 4mm.
  • The milling bedplate cutter can mill the groove at the bottom of the engraving picture. The milling cutter features fast processing speed and high work efficiency. You can choose milling bedplate cutters of different sizes according to the size of the processing surface. The recommended engraving depth of the milling cutter is 2mm.