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We provide complete precision industrial glass cutting tools for the glass industry. We offer different types of glass cutting wheel in carbide and diamond, are available in a variety of different sizes, cutting angles and serrated cutting wheels (Deep Penetrating Cutting Wheels). Our glass cutting wheels display excellent precision, consistency and longevity, providing the optimum solutions that cover an extensive range including float glass, drawn glass, thin or thick glass, LCD, automotive glass, decoration and construction glass, glass doors and windows, and mirrors.


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PDC cutters rework services, along with laser cutting, chamfer, resizing, polishing and EDM machining of new or used PDC cutters with worn edges have saved substantial cost for our customers. Our goal is to help drill bits manufactures to enhance their productivity while reducing production cost.


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PDC cutters repair

Most advanced wheels for glass cutting, PCD saw blades, and world leading industry in PDC cutters rework. We select the highest grade PCD diamond material for PCD inserts and CBN inserts.


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Diamond Scribing Wheels Research

Oakland Diamond Tools is a Lean Six Sigma company striving towards continues improvement. Our expertise and advanced technology allows us to stay ahead of rest of the diamond cutting tools field.


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Call us or send us your diamond tools related requests; from specified dimensions for products such as glass cutter, PCD and CBN inserts to services such as laser cutting and EDM.

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We deliver the finest cutting tools available for the most demanding machining applications. We produce an extensive variety of standard and specialized PCD or CBN inserts and tooling. We specialize in customized tools and inserts to your exact blue print specifications and tolerances.

"Oakland Diamond Tools not only achieved exactly what we where looking for but also made very valuable contributions to the project. "
— Liam Cheng, Drilling Manager